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Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce is the seven letter word no one wants to experience and yet unfortunately many of us do.

Traditionally during the divorce process both spouses are coached by their attorneys, or mediators, on the legal requirements of dividing years of accumulated memories, assets, and earnings.  Additionally, attorneys seek to aid their clients in receiving transitional support, like alimony and child support.  Unfortunately, while educated in law, some attorneys are not well versed on running financial projections, assessing the tax impacts of dividing assets, or on how transitional support can be critical in working toward both short and long term financial planning goals.

Financial decisions must be made to include immediate family needs, as well as future retirement needs. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst at Lowcountry Financial Group go through intensive training on topics like:

  1. Completing detailed financial projections for different settlement options.
  2. How the nuances of spousal support vs child support can affect your tax situation.
  3. The impact of dividing current assets and guaranteed income on your retirement, or other planning goals.
  4. Evaluating the cash flow impact of taking over the primary residence against saving for other goals.
  5. Forecasting your insurance needs to protect your standard of living, replace lost alimony payments, guard against a premature disability or death, and more.
  6. How to evaluate, develop, and manage a budget after divorce.
  7. Determining the appropriate investment risk of your portfolio for your short and long-term goals, after divorce

By working alongside you and your attorney, our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can construct a divorce analysis to help promote a fair and equitable financial outcome for all parties.