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Wealth Management

Financial Planning provides the means to unify all aspects of your financial life. While providing an overview of the big picture, our advisors develop strategies for clients that allow them to make better financial decisions.

Though using one-size fits all strategies may be the common approach, we specialize in tailoring plans to fit your current situation while laying a foundation for future growth. From providing forward-thinking investment strategies to tax-advantaged estate plans, our advisors strive to help promote your total financial independence.

- Retirement Plans                                 - 401 (k) Planning                         - 403 (b) Planning               - Risk Management Planning  

- College Planning                                 - Estate Planning                          - Profit Sharing                    - Budget and Cash Flow Analysis 

Step 1

  • The Clarity Conversation 
    • Identify what is important to you and your participants and what you want to change and improve 
    • Inventory your plan's assets, fees and structure 
    • Determine areas where we can add value, discuss how to engage with us and review our service levels 

Step 2

  • The Confident Plan Evaluation 
    • A written assessment of key areas of your plan covering total plan costs, service and overall effectiveness 
    • Benchmark your current plan investment options and fees against industry standards
    • Understand, monitor and document your full fiduciary responsibilities

Step 3

  • The Plan Improvement Report
    • Specific recommendations to improve plan provider, investment options, service and communication 
    • A fiduciary checklist to help document the progress of your plan 
    • Comparison report of potential right-fit vendors 

Step 4

  • The Guided Transition 
    • Proactive communication to reduce participant and fiduciary anxiety of change 
    • Establish step-by-step timeline to implement the plan transition and manage expectations 
    • Coordinated effort between all service providers to ensure smooth transitions 

Step 5

  • The Participant Engagement Experience 
    • Ongoing enrollments, education, service and communication participants can rely on 
    • Helping participants understand plan provider website and retirement savings statements 
    • Customized outreach through group meetings and individual meetings giving participants access to professional financial 

Step 6

  • Your Fiduciary Check-Up 
    • Annual investment and plan compliance review 
    • Evaluation of participant behavior, education effectiveness and plan impact 
    • Timely regulatory updates and consistent communication