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Letter to Our Clients

No matter how much the headlines move the confidence of investors, we toil against these winds to provide confidence in the future to all we serve. These days give weight to the notion of good old fashion advice and in a world full of surprising headlines, more stunning from one day to the next. Our team is there with a steady hand and sound judgment.  Times are changing, but our ambition of making lives better is as important today as it was on the day we decided to become wealth advisors.

While the narrative can seem seething in negativity, the markets are a good reminder to us that it doesn’t really matter.  Commerce continues, as it always has. Deep-rooted ideals of hard work and ingenuity are the backbone of American business and the drivers of her exceptionalism. The narrative does not decide our fate. How we respond to it does. And no matter the mood of the times, our team guides you with a sober purpose. Anchored by our insight, our reach is far beyond providing financial advice. Our work inspires a more positive view, and the pleasure of working alongside you is something for which we are truly grateful. Thank you for your relationship.

James Grogan, Christopher Werden, Samuel Winkler and Zachary Anderson